WJGV-CD airs Children's Programs every weekday at 7:00 am and 3:00 pm

"JL and Friends for Jesus"

J.L. and His Friends for Jesus is a program featuring a flannel board story telling format. J.L., a child, along with his grandmother, Reverend Dolly Harrell, tell a biblical story in every episode. J.L.'s main job is to put the characters on and off the flannel board. J.L. also has a show and tell segment about his dogs, cats, turtles, and other pets. He tells other kids of the importance of good pet care.  Some episodes feature Reverend Harrell with a group of children telling stories, singing songs, and having fun. "J.L. and His Friends for Jesus" promotes teamwork, stimulates a child's imagination, and promotes responsibility to the viewing youth.

Produced by The Gospel Vision.


 Davey and Goliath

Each episode features the adventures of Davey Hansen and his talking dog Goliath. However only Davey and the viewer can hear Goliath talking. "Davey and Goliath" teaches children the love of God as well as the need to love and be kind to others. This series deals with important issues such as death, racism, vandalism, and religious intolerance.

   Produced by The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

"Mr. Mustache & Company"

Mr. Mustache & Company is a Gospel television program for children that has been produced by C.T.M., Inc., and aired across the country and around the world since 1977. The purpose of the program is to direct children to Jesus Christ. Free videos, audio recordings, books, Bible study materials, coloring books, and instructional aides related to these television programs are available free of charge on the web site,mrmustache.org.

Produced by Children's Television Ministries, Inc