The Federal Communications Commission provides a web site on which all "public inspection files" are availible to the general public free of charge.

This site provides summary information about licensed television broadcast stations and access to each station’s “public inspection file” (or “public file”).  

The Commission first adopted rules requiring broadcast stations to keep a public file more than 40 years ago and certain political programming files have been public for nearly 75 years. The public file contains a variety of information about each station’s operations and service to its community of license, including information about political time sold or given away by each station, quarterly lists of the most significant programs each station aired concerning issues of importance to its community, data on ownership of each station and active applications each station has filed with the Commission. The Commission adopted the public inspection file requirement to "make information to which the public already has a right more readily available, so that the public will be encouraged to play a more active part in dialogue with broadcast licensees."

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WJGV-CD Public Inspection Files

The Children's Television Act of 1990, 47 C.F.R section 73.671(a), and later legislation, oblige television broadcast licensees to serve, over the term of a license, the educational and informational needs of children. Commercial television stations must report their children's educational and informational broadcast programming efforts to the FCC by electronically filing FCC Form 398, Children's Television Programming Report, each quarter. Non-commerical television broadcast stations are exempt from this reporting requirement.

The Children's Television Reporting System is the FCC's computer system for accepting, retaining, monitoring, and publicly disclosing Children's Television Programming Reports. Forms 398 filed with the FCC are recorded in a database. Members of the public can monitor children's television programming aired on commercial television broadcast stations by accessing the database.

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