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The Pentecostal Revival Center Church is an independent Bible based church that has been Presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Putnam county for over 50 years. We believe in the Trinity. God the Father, the Alph and Omega. God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit that lives inside us.  

We invite you to come and Worship with us every week as we share the Love of Jesus with Putnam County.



Some 50 plus years ago, before my mother founded The Pentecostal Revival Center Church. She had a dream. This dream, as she told it many times, was not one of fame and wealth as many have in this world, but instead it was a divine dream from God to her regarding things to come in God. 

In her dream it was Christmas and she had arrived at where God wanted her to be. God showed her a beautiful cedar Christmas Tree and things to come. She never forgot that dream as it was a personal sign from God to her, and it was manifested to her many more times during her ministry. Everything in that Dream from God came to pass.

Just a few years after receiving that dream, She established a new church here in Palatka, Florida and named it The Pentecostal Revival Center. The church was first established at 15th and Presidents Street in old downtown Palatka, and not just by coincidence at the old double doors of that building stood a large beautiful cedar Christmas Tree just as my Mother had dreamed.

That was 1965 and I was there with my mother as we opened the doors for the first time just two weeks before Christmas. What a coincidence that it also pertained to Christmas and the dream.

As the years passed and the Church grew God saw Our need for more land and a larger building. My Mother had heard about about a parcel of land for sale on State Road 19 South, then several miles outside of town. She had viewed the property several times with a number of church members and was praying about whether the church should buy the land or not.

One summer day as she was showing the land to a new church deacon her eyes fell on a large cedar Christmas Tree that no one had noticed before that time. The moment my late Mother saw that tree she knew in her heart that it was a sign from God regarding that parcel of land and the continuing fulfillment of things to come at The Pentecostal Revival Center.  The large cedar Christmas Tree on the property was the exact same size as the large cedar Christmas Tree located at the doors of the church on 15th and Presidents St. This too was no coincidence to those that believe.

My late Mother purchased the land and we began construction on a new facility immediately. That was 1976 and in 1978 the building was completed and the church was debt free. 

As one opens the doors at The Pentecostal Revival Center Church on 1100 State Road 19 South here in Palatka, Florida you will look directly out to that huge cedar Christmas Tree.  To those in the world it is just a tree, but when one looks at this tree in the Spirit of God one should see that it is a symbolic reminder to us that Rev. Dolly Harrell's Dream, Her Vision, and Her ministry was a manifest of God.


The Old Pentecostal Revival Center at 15th and Presidents Street

The Old Pentecostal Revival Center at 15th and Presidents Street

Pentecostal Revival Center in Palatka, Florida.

Pentecostal Revival Center in Palatka, Florida.

Not just by coincidence The Gospel Vision TV station went on the air one week before Christmas in 1991 and there were many other things that were also manifested over the years from God from that same dream. 

Many things and people have changed since 1965, but we continue. My Brother in Law, Marvin Garner, has been pastor for 5 plus years now, and is carrying on the work of our late Mother preaching to a lost world that needs God.

A tree still grows in God at The Pentecostal Revival Center, and we are not just talking about the physical tree that serves as a reminder to us. We are talking about a spiritual tree of faith that keeps growing our Christian Life.

Why don't you come visit us and see for yourself?

  Written by  James L. Harrell Jr  "Sonny"